Hi there. Call me Amlux. Read my full bio here. I'm an American, but have lived in Japan for six years and feel a great attachment to many things about that country. But I have a lot of hobbies and interests, both related to Japan and not, so this website houses a lot of things. But there is a thread running through all of them. If you have any feedback, questions, etc., I have a guestbook you can post comments at. But if you actually want a reply, you can email me at or message me on Discord at Amlux#6988. I answer everyone and do my best to be prompt about it.


Last Updates:
*2024/06/12: Wrote new essay THE NEW COLOSSEUM.
*2024/06/07: Wrote new essay FUCK YOUR "MEDIA LITERACY".
*2024/06/04: max-width 800x TO EVERYTHING! ZOMG!!! (thank you for the suggestion guestbook anon). I think it looks good. Let me know what you think.
*2024/06/02: Blog post MAY IN RETROSPECTIVE uploaded.

I hope you will stick around and check out the different sections of the site:

UPDATES: I try to write an update of how I'm doing every month or so, and also keep active tickers of other relevant information.

FOUR PILLARS: The four most important messages I have for anyone and everyone. Call them my "political" positions if you want, but they are a lot more broad and far-reaching. I suppose it's recommended to read these if you want a good idea of where I'm "coming from" on any given issue.

CINEMA/TV: I love cinema. But in recent years I've been much more prone to reflection than to seeking out constant new films to watch. But this is a hobby that I will always hold a very strong attachment towards and have a lot of things to share about.

GAMES: Unusually for my generation, I never played many games as a kid. So this is a very new hobby to me. But it is the one I put most of my time and energy into these days, to make up for lost time.

MANGA/ANIME: I used to be embarrassed that I was a weeb and kept it a secret from everyone. No longer! I feel dirty for having denied my love of 2-D girls and all the most silly, base, tasteless things about otaku culture that make it so great for so long. I will now defend everything that normalfags hate about it.

MUSIC: Music is, to me, the most subjective and truly personal of all hobbies. So it is very hard to find the right words to convey to others. I'm not a musically-inclined person myself and thus don't know a lot of technical aspects of music creation or playing. I don't like live concerts either, so I'm not involved in the world of music socially. But I know what I like.

WRITINGS: I read a lot and invariably find myself with the need to get the thoughts I obsessively ruminate on out of my head. They could be educational/explanatory, philosophical, political, sociological, art-historical, or all of the above.

FAQ: Answers to questions that you might have.

LINKS: Resources for continued web browsing.